Palmeras Forward Nedric cheer Madrid wins European Championships.

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Palmeras forward Nedric who 15 year-old has revealed to Marca that. He is honored to be attracted by the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Palmeras, 15-year-old forward Nedric Felipe Moreira de Sousa revealed to Marca on Wednesday. That he has admired and followed Real Madrid since Cristiano Ronaldo. Who played at the Santiago Bernabeu and cheered for the White team to win the European Championships this season. Has praised Barcelona as well. Insisting he feels “the one.” An honor to get the attention of the best teams in the world. 

‘(Madrid) is a club that I like very much because of Cristiano Ronaldo. Whom I have always followed with winning the Champions League four times there.’

‘I also studied their history. And they are a very good team and was delighted to know that. They were keeping an eye on me and monitoring my game. I think God plays a huge part in that. I want to do more, I’m not good enough,UFABET I have to do better and still have a long way to go.’

‘(Barcelona) is a very good team as well. Amazing with incredible players. Some have left like (Linoel) Messi, Xavi and (Andres) Iniesta. It’s good that the best teams in the world are interested in me as a player and as a person. I thank God very much for that.’

Nedric also said of Madrid’s compatriot Vinicius Junior. ‘He was very good to me and he even gave me a shirt. I support him very much. And I still want Real Madrid to win the Champions League again. Have to thank him and wait for him here in Palmeras. And will send him a sign Palmeras shirt.’