Arsenal guru suggests it’s time to role Gabriel Martinelli into a Henri-style spear.

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Sky Sports analyst Alan Smith believes the potential of young Arsenal forward Gabriel Martinelli has the potential to take charge of the forward role. With the burden of producing scores when Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is away.

The 32 – year-old forward terminate his contract from the Emirates Stadium to join Barcelona as a free agent. By agreeing to reduce wages of more than 3.5 hundred thousand pounds – per – week down as well.  

Leaving only the goalscoring performance for the Gunners 68 goals in the league help the team collect 53 points. The most in four years compare to the entire league during the same period.  

The next step is to find a new goal-producing heir. Which Smith cheered at Martinelli modeling legendary striker. Thierry Henry starting from the edge as well. 

“ Gabriel usually plays on the left but UFABET will likely take the opportunity to ditch in as a centre-back to show how good he is in the midfield , physically fit and confident. ” Smith commented .  

“ If all the qualification is complete. Then this is a good time for an inner striker. ”

“ As it was before Thierry Henry it start with the wings. Then play the striker and make a great influence. ” 

“ It would be an alternative to Arteta, one that should not be overlooked. ” 

Gabriel Martinelli has never played a javelin. In the past, the former head coach Unai Emery used a young Brazilian footballer to play for some time. passing exam overview