Jesse Marsh warns Leeds players not to be indifferent to teach.

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New Leeds United manager Jesse Marsh has warned his players not to ignore his advice. The team will face Norwich on Sunday in their escape from relegation.

The American boss was extremely displeased with Yungthong’s performance in the 0-3 defeat to Aston Villa, which was his first home game in charge.

Six consecutive defeats give Leeds just two points from the relegation zone and Marsh is still unable to lead the team to a point. Or score goals in 2 games since he took over as the boss instead of Marcelo Bielsa

“We have just started to try many things never talked about And we have to play according to the plan. We have to stay in the plan.”

“If we don’t do that we will weaken We see the weaknesses of the players. and no UFABET strengths So that’s the message (before the Norwich game).”

“Most of the teams I’ve been in over the years have scored a lot of goals.”

“Part of the reason we couldn’t score was because when we got to the third area. We are like different people playing different roles instead of understanding what the roles are.” Jesse Marsh

Jesse Marsch ‘s name may not be as well known among fans. Because most of the path is to live in the United States of America. He started this path as an athlete at Princeton University, playing both as a midfield and as a forward. Before in 1996 Jesse Marsch was drafted into one of the club’s generals . C United. But went on to make a real name during 1998-2005, over there with the Chicago Fire, before ending his career with Chivas USA in 2006-09.