League fans find Paratici wrong for Juve’s job of buying two players for expensive Tottenham Hotspur.

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Famous Italian TV presenter Paolo Bonolis has mocked Tottenham Hotspur for faking his sporting director Fabio Paratici. Because really probably secretly accepting a job from Juventus. When there is something that buys two reserves from Turin together for more than 70 million euros.

The recently closed January market, Spurs have gained two new faces, Dejan Kulusevski and Rodrygo Bentancur from the ‘ Bianconeri ‘ , with the Swedish wing included. Lease , the option to buy is totaled at € 45 million, while the Uruguayan midfielder comes in at € 25 million.  

That makes the 80 million euros fee that UFABET Juve bought striker Dusan Vlajovic from Fiorentina, has little effect on Financial Fair Play rules because of the money. flows into the club account  

It led to Bonolis’ fault as an Inter Milan fan that Paratici was actually doing a business that would benefit Juventus more than a good value deal for the ‘ Golden Spikes ‘ .

“ I looked at the buy – sell it was crazy , could Juve sell Bentancur and Kulusevski for 70 million euros ? with respect to those two But how I look at it, it’s not worth it. ” Commenting on ‘ FC Inter 1908.IT 

” And it’s even more convincing to have a clue. Because the figure for the price is almost the same as Juve paid for Vlajovic. “

“ So, can you imagine Paratici still working for Juventus ? for the benefit of each other. ” 

“ I had the opportunity to read the comments of the Tottenham fans on social media. They also looked dissatisfied. ” 

In addition.

He also booked a charge against former Inter head coach Antonio Conte , who left the team to control Spurs, saying he made the ball stop, focusing on counter -attacks against Simone Inzaghi , the current coach because he created a team to support his heart. fight with positive  

” The two coaches have completely different attitudes, Conte stares and plays back , against Inzaghi, who has a different personality. ” 

“ Credit to Conte for reviving the lost winning spirit, but Inzaghi has pushed the team further, both offensively. and almost automatically creates excitement for the audience. ” 

” Another plus thing is that the players look happier than last year. “

Two new players , Spurs, will be able to prove themselves if they are real or have been dyed. The fastest selling is the FA Cup fourth round , Saturday , February 5 , meet Brighton .