Rush believes Diaz strengthens Liverpool in Jurgen Klopp’s team

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Liverpool legend Ian Rush uses his personal instinct to determine that. Luis Diaz is an attacker will play a role in Jurgen Klopp’s team almost immediately. With a shape that has been shown since playing for FC Porto.

The 25 -year -old is a new addition to the squad coming to the market in January 2022 with a value of up to 50 million pounds. Having already registered with the league to replace defender Loris Karius .  

When having the opportunity to ask for an opinion from the Wells executioner. Rush saw the star player’s physiognomy from this Latin American native. If you wear red will have more prestige to receive the year of the Tiger  Klopp’s team.

He told the official website.  

“ That guy is a great signing. Let me tell you that I was surprised to have to express my true feelings. but believes that he can squeeze for the position.”

“ For me it’s a good thing because there is a placement within the team. We have one of the strengths in the front of the cemetery. or will argue that it is not true. ”

“ I think the competition makes me play better. When UFABET rehearsing is outstanding, it deserves a chance to compete. When used it produces satisfactory results. It is what it is. ” 

“ Taking it down to the field is definitely fun. So when you see him rehearse He probably thought in his mind – I haven’t guaranteed a game on the field. So you have to practice well first. Don’t think too far- ” 

“ It’s a good thing for the team manager who has a job to manage the manpower. The best decision. ”  

Diaz is a left-footed bodybuilder compete directly with Sadio Mane , probably the Colombian, joining the team before the #10 star is also on the mission of the African Cup of Nations for Senegal .