De Rossi is delighted to make his dream start as manager of Roma.

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De Rossi is delighted to make his dream start as manager of Roma. Daniele De Rossi, Roma’s new coach, is delighted and very happy to be in charge of his beloved club. Even during times of heavy pressure.

De Rossi was appointed as Roma manager until the end of the season, replacing Jose Mourinho, who was fired after a 1-3 loss to AC Milan, and the legendary Giallorossi midfielder got off to a winning start. North Hellas Verona 2-1.

“It is a pleasure. When I came to watch the game here Even just walking around the city, I can always feel the love of the fans. This is a different role. Even though I am filled with mixed feelings.”

“There is a lot of pressure. Because I had work to do, I heard fans calling my name during the game. Couldn’t be happier than this,” De Rossi said about the atmosphere of his first game in charge.

As for team building, De Rossi changed to a 4-3-2-1 system, emphasizing possession of the ball. and mainly move the ball quickly This is different from Mourinho’s time when he was mostly on the defensive.

“I believe you have to control the ball and dominate the game. This is one of the first things we have to do. However, if we can do it quickly, Shake off from the high pressure of your competitors. It will work.”

“But if we move the ball slowly We won’t be able to close the game. And we will be knocked out instead. Competitors are well prepared. Know how to get through those situations. If we don’t move the ball quickly.” ufabet